Wetlands Project

Omega Nutrition's Commitment to Health Extends to the Environment.

In 1994 Omega Nutrition transformed over 60% of its 5 acres into a native wetland and planted thousands of native trees and shrubs. The project has been tremendously successful in attracting blue herons, wood ducks and many other forms of wildlife to the area.

The wetlands restoration project on Omega Nutrition's property, was a joint effort by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Omega Nutrition under the Washington State Ecosystems Conservation Program (WSECP).

We are extremely pleased with the success of the project to date. The hundreds of wetland plants which were planted at the site are thriving. Great blue herons, cinnamon teal, pileated woodpeckers and a variety of other wildlife have already been observed utilizing the site... The Service is confident that the restored wetland will continue to thrive under the stewardship of Omega Nutrition. We hope other businesses in your area will follow your company's lead in taking an active role in the restoration and protection of our precious wetland resources.David C. Frederick, a State Supervisor at the US Department of the Interior, stated one year after initiation


We give special thanks to Bryan Farnum for his help in the development and engineering of this ecosystem.