Quality Assurance

Omega Nutrition adheres to only the highest standards of quality assurance to ensure the best possible quality product for our customers:

  • GMO-free, using special varieties of seeds for maximum nutritional benefit
  • Organic oversight and review by QAI
  • Independent testing for flavor, longevity and EFA content
  • We test twice before shipping. We sample the newly harvested crops, we press and test for flavor, longevity, and essential fatty acid content. We re-test when the crop arrives at our plant to make sure it has been handled with integrity since our last contact.
  • Why the Opaque Bottle? If you can see the oil in a bottle, so can light. Light causes the most damage to unrefined oil on the retail shelf. Proper packaging is, therefore, imperative. The retailer never turns off the refrigerator lights. It has been known that the light will damage the chromophores in the pigment of these sensitive oils, thus total darkness packaging. Proper packaging is, therefore, imperative. We use special opaque containers made of premium food-grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) that offers complete exclusion of light, as well as being 100% non-reactive with oil. We also use an inert gas (the gas does not react with oil), to create an oxygen-free environment during the manufacturing and bottling process. 

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Certifications / Memberships

USDA OrganicQuality Assurance International - Certified OrganicCanada OrganicKosher CheckNon GMONo Trans Fatty AcidsSuitable for VegansEasy Pour Option

  • Our organic products are fully compliant with NOP Standards. All of our documents, systems, ingredients, policies and procedures are reviewed. The process must be repeated each year in order for a product to maintain its organic certification.
  • Our products and processes are monitored and certified by Quality Assurance International.
  • We are members of the Organic Trade Association, a national association representing the organic industry in Canada, the United States and Mexico.
  • Omega is proud to offer kosher-certified products. Many of our oils are "produced under the supervision of The Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia and are accordingly Kosher and Pareve for year-round use (except Passover).
  • Both the product and the facility generating it are free of gluten containing plant sources.
  • Our organic products are derived from plants that were grown from, and tested to insure, a non-genetically modified stock.
  • Our products do not contain trans-fats. We only use processes that do not generate trans-fats.
  • For safety and quality reasons bottles are sealed with an airtight foil. Puncturing the seal as indicated by the logo will ensure the product pours without spills.