The omegaflo® Process - shown below - is our proprietary method for producing the best unrefined, certified-organic oils of premium quality and exceptional taste. Click Here to see a comparison flowchart of refined oils versus organic oils.


The omegaflo® Difference:

  • A Unique, Cold-pressed Extraction Process
    The omegaflo® process was developed to manufacture unrefined, certified-organic oils of premium quality and exceptional taste. We buy organic seeds that are certified by internationally recognized certifying agencies such as the Quality Assurance International (QAI).
  • Fresh, Organic, Unrefined Oils
    Our seeds are "fresh" expeller-pressed at low temperatures (30°-33°C/86°-92°F for EFA oils, 30°-43°C/86°-110°F for culinary oils) without exposure to damaging light, oxygen and reactive metals.
  • Premium Taste
    The result: premium-quality oils that taste deliciously like the freshly cracked seeds they were crushed from.
  • Opaque Protective Packaging
    Omega Nutrition uses inert gas to create this oxygen-free environment during the manufacturing and bottling process. As the name inert gas indicates, the gas does not react with oil. Light, more than any other element, causes the most damage to unrefined oil on the retail shelf. Proper packaging is, therefore, imperative.

    Just remember: "If you can see the oil in a bottle, so can light." For more information on light, see our article on, "The Effects of Light."
  • 100% Trans-fatty Acid Free
    Our "live" oils are 100% trans-fatty-acid- (TFA)-free. Because of their freshness and the delicate nature of EFAs, this allows for premium taste.
  • Maintaining the Highest Nutritional Quality
    Omega Nutrition does not use any of the following procedures commonly used during the refining of vegetable oils:
    • No preheating and steaming seeds 
    • No chemical/solvent extraction - no hexane is used 
    • No additives or preservatives
    • No bleaching or deodorizing

The one exception is our organic coconut oil, which we do not manufacture. This product is expeller pressed and is deodorized to remove the coconut flavor. This additional step does not affect the beneficial lauric acids found in our organic coconut oil.

For more information on what to look for when shopping for oils and what happens when oils are refined/hydrogenated, see the "In The News" section of this web site.