Pumpkin Seed Butter
Pumpkin Seed Butter
Pumpkin Seed Butter
Pumpkin Seed Butter
Pumpkin Seed Butter

Pumpkin Seed Butter

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Organic / Gluten Free / Non-GMO / Vegan

Our Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter is a great tasting alternative to peanut butter. It’s delicious flavor goes great with crackers, bread, muffins, cooked vegetables and in any recipe that requires nut butter.

• Organic pumpkin seeds
• Organic pumpkin oil
• Celtic Sea Salt

• Source of unrefined omega-6 EFAs
• Source of favorable phytosterols
• May support bladder and prostate health
• Could help improve urinary tract health

• Sandwiches/toast
• Sauces
• Cookies/cakes
• Dips
• On its own with fruit/veggie sticks/crackers)

• Refrigerate after opening
• Stir before using

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Pumpkin butter gets its name for its smooth and buttery texture. Tastes great on breads, scones, muffins, and in sauces. The butter is made gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and allergy-friendly.

Pumpkin Butter on toast!

A quick 5-minute vegan pumpkin butter recipe, smothered on your favorite toast, and topped with thinly sliced fruit and toppings! It’s the perfect breakfast, brunch, light lunch, or appetizer!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Frank Rehor
Pumpkin Seed Butter

Omega Nutrition has the most delicious, satisfying Pumpkin Seed Butter on the market. I have been eating this brand for years and will continue to eat for years to come.

Stephen Bauer
Best Pumpkin Butter

I've tried them all. Omega is easily the best option out there!

Barbara Lamb
packaging is the issue

I love your pumpkin seed butter - the issue I have is that it comes in plastic. We need to eliminate the use of plastic, so I am wondering - as I have written to you before, if you can switch to glass jars instead, please. Thank you.

Bibiana Saavedra
Best pumpkin seed butter

This butter is so delicious. I use it frequently on toasted bread. Highly recommended.

Sherry Zitter
Smooth and tasty pumpkin seed butter!

This is my favorite seed or nut butter. The taste is deep and almost smokey - it adds value to soups, stews, smoothies, on veggies or almost anywhere else. Oh yes, and on a PB and J (pumpkin butter and jam :-)!!

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