Heavy-Glazing Linseed Oil

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New innovative linseed oils, Pureflo and  Heavy Glazing Oil, will eliminate fumes in your Studio as they do not need thinners.

This product is made from organic seeds and easy to use. Unlike other linseed oils, they will not yellow with age as major colour and aroma components have been refined out.

Heavy Glazing Oil is fume-free, requires no thinner, and will impart a thicker, yet transparent layer.

Both can be used with any tube oil paints.

Heavy Glazing Oil can be emulsified with eggs to create a "gel medium" kept in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: Pureflo™ aged linseed oil, amber aged linseed oil

Product Size: 16 fl oz


  • No thinner required
  • Cold-pressed and made from organic seeds
  • Fume-free
  • Solvent-free. Completely natural.
  • Thick and creamy

Product Benefits/Advantages for Artists:

  • Safe to use – Artist-tested!
  • Protects the pigment and gives it luster
  • Can be emulsified for thicker impasto painting


Simply mix with tube or jar oil colors and apply in thin layers. Dispose of soiled rags and paper towels into metal waste containers.

Store in a cool dark place after opening.